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Don’t Let the Laundry Stack Up!

When your Clothes Washer is broken, it’s amazing how fast the laundry can pile up. It’s feels like it will take over your entire house in a week like some B-rated horror movie. So, what are your options then? You could wash your clothes by hand…. If this was the 1900s. Or you could go to the laundry mat… provided you have the day to sit there watching your clothes go around and around while other people’s children run by screaming, sticking gum in each other’s hair and smearing chocolate all over the walls. If that doesn’t sound like a day of fun, I don’t know what does!


But luckily you do have one other option for clothes washer repair. If you live in Phoenix, Tucson, or the surrounding areas, you can call Arizona Appliance Repair. If you call us during normal business hours, we will dispatch a technician to your house on the same day. We have families, too, and we understand how quickly laundry can pile up when your washer is broken – especially with little kids in the house! So don’t waste another day letting that pile of laundry take over your house.

We service all domestic brands of clothes washers as well as many foreign brands that other appliance repair companies don’t service. Our technicians will come to your house on the same business day. Each of our technicians come equipped with their own Wi-Fi so that they can access our extensive database of repair manuals and parts catalogs. That way they can get all of the information they need to do your clothes washer repair without ever leaving your house. This is how we are able to repair almost every appliance in just one visit!

So don’t wait another day. Don’t waste your time (or lose your sanity) at the laundry mat or washing your clothes by hand. Call Arizona Appliance Repair and we will have your life back to normal, and get your family out of that B horror movie.

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