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Appliance repair service for clothes washers in Arizona

When your clothes washer isn't working properly, dirty laundry piles up quickly. Washing clothes by hand is time-consuming drudgery, and it's only a temporary solution. Luckily, AZ Appliance Repair specializes in fixing washers and other household appliances. Best of all, we offer quick, economical same-day service.

Before making a service call, here are a few basic troubleshooting measures that may help find the cause of your washing machine problem.

If your washer isn't working at all, the first thing to check is whether it's plugged into the socket, and whether the related circuit breaker or fuse has been tripped.

If the control panel lights up and the motor appears to be working, yet the tub doesn't fill with water, look to see if the water valve is closed or partly closed. Also check the lid switch – Many washers won't function unless the lid switch is working properly.

If the washing machine is filling and draining at the same time, check to make sure that the drain hose is resting at least three feet over the floor.

And, if either the hot or cold water isn't flowing, confirm that both inlet hoses (one from your hot water heater, the other from ordinary tap water) are open and not kinked.

If the troubleshooting steps listed above don't solve the problem, then it's time to call the professional washer repair technicians at Arizona Appliance Repair.

We've become the leading appliance repair provider in the Tucson metro area by offering fast, reliable same day service for washers and other household appliances.

Our technicians can fix any make and model of washing machine, and they carry all the necessary tools and replacement parts with them.

We serve Tucson and the surrounding areas through multiple repair centers, so if you call during normal business hours we can usually repair your washer the same day.

We provide expert repairs for all brands

If an appliance stops working, call us at the Repair Center phone number closest to your home, and we'll respond quickly. In most cases, we can repair your appliance on the same day that you call us.

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