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Microwaves Save the Day

�Mom, we�re hungry!� This is an after school battle cry that is heard across Arizona. Kids come home from school hungry, but dinner is hours away. The easiest thing to do is to pop a snack in the microwave � whether it�s popcorn or pizza rolls, your microwave makes it possible. Without it, after school snacks could become dull� and no one wants an unhappy eleven year old on their hands all the way until dinner time.

Microwaves Save the Day

When your microwave goes on the fritz, it can be a huge hassle throughout the day, and your kids favorite after school snacks will take twice as long. Plus, if you�re not home, you might really not want them using the oven. Arizona Appliance Repair understands that, and we offer same day repairs on all brands of microwaves. When you call us during normal business hours, we will send a technician from one of our many dispatch centers throughout Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding areas. We service stand alone microwaves as well as built-in models. Our technicians have all of the special tools needed, as well as the most common replacement parts right on their trucks. This allows them to make virtually every repair without ever leaving your home.

We understand that your microwave is more than just a modern convenience. It�s an appliance that you use ever day and that you�ve come to rely on over the years. It�s a great way for kids to make their own snacks and feel more independent at a young age. But, when you are in need of microwave repair, it is best to let the professionals handle it. Microwaves today are full of complicated parts and can be dangerous when homeowners attempt to repair them alone. So call Arizona Appliance Repair today and we�ll get your microwave back to like new condition in one business day. Don�t spend another day without after school snacks.

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