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Your Baking Makes People Smile

You love to bake. People love it when you bake. There’s nothing better than filling the house with the smell of fresh bread, and the kids love your homemade chocolate chip cookies for an after school treat. But when you need oven repair – when you’re oven’s not working or not heating properly, there’s not much baking you can do. Call Arizona Appliance Repair for your oven repairs, though, and we will have a technician to your home on the same business day that you call.


Today’s oven’s are complex appliances, and take not only special parts, but sometimes even special tools to work on them. You can always check your electrical connections or gas connections and valves to ensure that all of those things are functioning properly. But other than that, it’s best to call a professional to diagnose and repair your oven problems. Our technicians carry parts for all major oven brands, domestic and foreign, on their trucks. They will also arrive with any special tools they may need to make your repairs quickly and efficiently. Every technician also has access to our extensive repair manual library and all of our parts catalogs to cross reference part numbers quickly.

All of our factory replacement parts come with a full factory warranty, so you can rest assured that the parts we use will work properly. And we guarantee our technicians’ work. We know how important household appliances are to our customers, and we want to help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible when you need appliance repair. We service Phoenix, Tucson, and all of the surrounding areas through several dispatch centers located around the area. We will get to you quickly and can often complete your oven repairs not only in one day, but in just one visit!

So, call Arizona Appliance Repair and get ready to break out the baking apron again. You’ll be able to pull out your favorite baking cookbook and amaze your family and friends again in just one day.

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