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What Did We Do Without Clothes Washers?

If your family has small children, your clothes washer is probably very busy, and maybe even on a daily basis. It seems little ones can get an entire outfit dirty faster than you can get it onto them. And nap time just can’t happen without that favorite blankie, regardless of if it was just dragged through a mud puddle or dunked in the toilet for whatever reason made sense in a three-year-old mind. When your clothes washer is broken, it is more than a little inconvenient. It can be a nightmare!


The last thing you should have to worry about it how to pack the dirty laundry and all the kids into the car and get them all to the laundry mat. At Arizona Appliance Repair, we understand that clothes washer repair really can be an emergency. That is why we offer our same day service guarantee to our customers. Life’s hard enough sometimes without broken appliances. We can’t help the haircut that your five year old gave the cat, or that your son broke his glasses at school for the third time this year… but we can help you get your laundry room back.

When you call Arizona Appliance Repair during normal business hours, we will have a technician at your house on the same day. That’s out promise to you. We will quickly diagnose the problem, and give you affordable clothes washer repair options before completing any work. Our technicians have all of the parts and special tools they will need to make your repairs quickly and easily. They even come equipped with their own Wi-Fi hotspot so they can access our extensive library of repair manuals and parts catalogs. That means that they will be able to complete your clothes washer repair not only in just one day, but often in just one visit!

Arizona Appliance Repair can get your laundry room back to normal so you can get the things done you need to do… like scrub the crayon drawing of what appears to be an entire Christmas village off the living room wall.

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